Treasury Management

Optimizing your working capital


To manage your company�s resources effectively, you need tools that help you improve cash flow, speed access to information, and automate routine processes. Our Treasury Management team can provide all these tools and more�including award-winning customer service that allows you to focus on business knowing your money is working for you.


Benefits to Your Business:
  •   Accelerate cash cycles to speed access to available funds
  •   Streamline payables processing to increase productivity
  •   Implement security strategies to guard against fraud and cyber attacks
  •   Assess financial data quickly to make better business decisions


Accounts Receivable Solutions

Speed collection of accounts receivable and access to working capital while increasing your company's productivity. For any business, in any industry, our Treasury Management team can help you achieve results by delivering efficient, cost-effective solutions to suit your specific needs.

  •   ACH Debit Origination/Cash Concentration
  •   Trust Guaranty Bank e-Lockbox
  •   Cash Processing Services
  •   Trust Guaranty Bank Remote Deposit Capture
  •   Consolidated Receivables
  •   Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)
  •   Healthcare Receivables
  •   Image Cash Letter
  •   Merchant Services
  •   Wholesale Lockbox