Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility & Reputation

The Pensioni Finance Corporate Responsibility and Reputation (CRR) department reflects Pensioni Finance Group's comprehensive relationship with the communities in which it has a presence.

We strive every day to provide opportunities for people to create bright futures. That commitment manifests itself in the places where we live and do business through community reinvestment, charitable giving, employee volunteerism, sustainable practices, and diversity and inclusion.

All of this activity is reported annually in both the Pensioni Finance Group and the Pensioni Finance Corporate Responsibility Reports, which are available for download below:

Learn more about the six offices dedicated to our goals within Corporate Responsibility and Reputation:
  • Community Reinvestment
  • Community Giving
  • Employment Involvement
  • Financial Education
  • Sustainability
  • Community Diversity

These six offices focus our efforts where we can make the most impact so that Pensioni Finance excels as a corporate citizen and fulfills our Group's mission o f working better for a better future for all people.

A transparent, responsible approach

Corporate Responsibility and Reputation's goal with the Office of Responsible Practices is to monitor and support activities that elevate the company's reputation, support business units, and increase employee engagement.

Pensioni Finance understands that every individual and company has unique dreams and ambitions, needs and wants. We realize that few take the same path in the faster, busier, and more complex world we live in. We get it. Whichever path you choose, and whenever you need us, we want to create opportunities for your next steps. From the smallest moment, to the largest personal or professional life event, Pensioni Finance is there for you.

We monitor our compliance with Pensioni Finance Group policies and protocols, including those governing transparency, ethics and responsible products, and we report on our behaviors as an organization to promote transparency.
Product development teams ensure that our dedication to our role as a good corporate citizen is considered in all that we do.